I like you guys. You scare me. And I'm even a graveshift worker at a Denny's myself so that says alot. I think. o.O
Yeah. *blinks her bloodshot eyes* I have now been up almost 24 hours!!! Whoohoo! And later I have another graveshift. But as long as there is the weary and wierd, I shall be there... Until I quit. Or get fired. Or perhaps throttle a customer to death and get hauled away by men in white coats.

Ps: Brandon, you rock for making this site! ^_-
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Would someone mind telling me how you move your text boxes around i.e. far right/left, centered..this may be a dumb question ... but I still want to know. Comment in my journal if you can help me out. Thanks!

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I just joined this community due to my love of denny's. not only is the best place to get food at 3am, but some of the best memories i have have been there. one of my friends auctually wrote a song based around a night at denny's. it's a good place to just talk with your friends and have fun. add me if you want bitches :)
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Hey I'm new here. Found this community by accident, but what a great idea. I am a frequent Denny's customer, and i think they should come up with something like "the frequent denny's customer card" so u could get stuff free.
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who cares how it tastes, when its all said and done its coming out of your ass

watching people whore communities blows, i know, so my sincerest of apologies beforehand. i wanted to put together a place where servers ( fine dining, diners, wotever, ive worked them all ) can bitch about their shitty nights without feeling like an ass. said place can now be found at servingsucks . its new but it'll grow as they all do. see you there.xXx!

love from brandon

hi i'm new here

i go to dennys, um pretty much every night.
last night i went to dennys, for 6 hours.
the most time i've ever spent in dennys, is 13 hours.

i ♥ dennys.

good company, good coffee, good sevice. good ciggerate's all so family like.

AHH i love dennys.
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i ate at denny's last night with my luver <3<3 mm it was good...
was a very fun night at denny's and the waiters are awesome! i'm so glad there's a denny's right next door.
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