Fleasheea (fibsandficos) wrote in eat_at_dennys,

The Big Yellow sign wherein lies my salvation.

Sweet! A Denny's community. I guess this is a good place to express just why Denny's is the beacon of hope and light and joy and relief and happiness in my life.

It all began with a good time doing some Karaoke. Well, I'm an idiot, so I went the exact opposite way everyone else did coming out of the Karaoke bar on the way to Dennys. Well, I could go on and on forever about how very very very lost I got, but sufficed to say, it was way damn lost- so lost I think I made it technically into the outskirts of the next city. But somehow, my Denny's-tracking super powers led me back. Let me tell you, after having been so distraught that I STALLED my car in the middle of an intersection, seeing that beautiful yellow sign brought tears to my eyes. And I go there just in time to order a particularly nice rootbeer float.

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