Robin (robyie) wrote in eat_at_dennys,


Hi all, I just joined .0254 seconds ago and thought I'd give a brief bio and explain why I'm here.

Denny's is the only place that's open 24 hours in my town (besides a few gas stations and Jack in the Box) and I probably spent the majority of 2003 in there because a close friend was a waitress. I practically served myself, know 95% of the staff, and pulled all nighters with friends in there too many times to count.

I'm here because after buying a new car and putting too many miles on it delivering and not wanting to give up my tips, I'm going to be working at Denny's. Does anyone have any knowledge for me as far as how the company is when you work for it, ways to get completely acclimated to serving, how to boost how much you make, etc...? I'm a little nervous that I'll drop things but luckily delivering pizza has sort of helped with that. Anyway, tips would be appreciated. ;)
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