I miss Denny's

Stupid Germany doesn't have Denny's....have to hold on to sanity...till...next..leave.... I want an all nighter with more cups of crappy coffee than my body can handle with friends who talk about the most random of crap....ThOsE WeRe GrEaT tImEs DaMmIt!!!!

Branching out

So, I'm in drama and after a production we go out.
First night we tried Applebees.
Last night we tried Lyons.
In a nutshell, they suck compared to Denny's.
Applebees is just random.
Lyons is uberly creepy and mean.

To sum things up: Eat at Denny's.

The Big Yellow sign wherein lies my salvation.

Sweet! A Denny's community. I guess this is a good place to express just why Denny's is the beacon of hope and light and joy and relief and happiness in my life.

It all began with a good time doing some Karaoke. Well, I'm an idiot, so I went the exact opposite way everyone else did coming out of the Karaoke bar on the way to Dennys. Well, I could go on and on forever about how very very very lost I got, but sufficed to say, it was way damn lost- so lost I think I made it technically into the outskirts of the next city. But somehow, my Denny's-tracking super powers led me back. Let me tell you, after having been so distraught that I STALLED my car in the middle of an intersection, seeing that beautiful yellow sign brought tears to my eyes. And I go there just in time to order a particularly nice rootbeer float.


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How awesome! A Denny's community! I guess I'll introduce myself and then tell you a crazy story that happened at Denny's the other night.

Let me begin by saying that while others spend every night partying, we spend most nights drinking coffee, and hanging out with our friends at Denny's. Whave a "our" Denny's, we're regulars there, and well-taken care of by the amazing staff.

It's a long storyCollapse )

I have a million more funny stories about Denny's, but that was the most recent one.

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Oh wow.

Went to Denny's for the 1325235th time last night.

We had such an excellent server. His name is Stephen, he's been "doing that" for 19 years, and I guess he's also one of the co-managers, but that was the first time I've seen him at that location.

He was by far the best server I have ever met at any restaurant whatsoever. Checking up on his every few minutes, automatically bringing us refills, having a little chat with us about his life, and slipping us some extra food into our order. My party of 4 also agreed he was the best, and left a 50% tip because of his excellence. Yes, THAT good.

No point to this, just felt I needed to share.


Hi all, I just joined .0254 seconds ago and thought I'd give a brief bio and explain why I'm here.

Denny's is the only place that's open 24 hours in my town (besides a few gas stations and Jack in the Box) and I probably spent the majority of 2003 in there because a close friend was a waitress. I practically served myself, know 95% of the staff, and pulled all nighters with friends in there too many times to count.

I'm here because after buying a new car and putting too many miles on it delivering and not wanting to give up my tips, I'm going to be working at Denny's. Does anyone have any knowledge for me as far as how the company is when you work for it, ways to get completely acclimated to serving, how to boost how much you make, etc...? I'm a little nervous that I'll drop things but luckily delivering pizza has sort of helped with that. Anyway, tips would be appreciated. ;)